An easy software "KwikSolve" to optimize and protect your PC

Kwiksolve is designed to clean all unwanted files that accumulate in PC with the consistent use.

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Many Features

Super Features

Malware detector is ideal for PCs that are vigorously infected with malware, which can be identified as spyware, adware. Malware detector feature of Kwiksolve wisely helps to scan the PC and eliminate all malware forcefully. This helps to protect the privacy of PC. In addition, it ensures the confidential PC data is safe and protected.


Malware is the malicious software or a file created by hackers to destroy your computer.


Spyware is type of program that hackers use with an aim to steal your confidential computer data without you knowing.


Adware is a kind of unsolicited software designed to throw ads on your computer system when you browse internet.

How It Works

Operating the Kwiksolve is quite simple. By following a few simple steps, one can easily operate it. Initially, install this software on your PC. Then, Start auto scanning process. In next step, it sparingly repairs the system. If it stops repairing, then register your product immediately. Once the cleaner gets registered, it fixes all issues. In a final step, use its super features to remove malware from the PC.

Software Screenshots

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